Friday, October 31, 2008

The Ladybug, the Pea Pod, the Pit Crew and the Convicts

Here are some pictures for your enjoyment.  The are from the I mean Carpenter and Matson family Trick or Treating adventure.  

Sunday, October 12, 2008

2008 Buddy Walk

We participated in our first ever Buddy Walk on October 11 of this year.  The event takes place all over the country in an effort to raise awareness about Down syndrome.  It was a beautiful day, set in the gorgeous landscape of the University of Richmond.  The walk took place around the lake and many events were set up for both young and old.  McKayla especially enjoyed the moon bounces and much to her delight, yes, her icon, Dora the Explorer was there!  Landon, well, he was mostly oblivious to the goings-on.  

I, on the other hand, was utterly excited all day to see so many families and their friends participating in this event.  My only disappointment was that, because I volunteered to help with the silent auction, I didn't get to spend much time with, or take pictures of many of the folks that I have come to know from being a part of the Down Syndrome Association of Greater Richmond (DSAGR) and the playgroup.  But, I did get a picture of all of the Buddy Captains with their families!I was also quite tickled to see many of the folks that I used to work with there in support of Neil Lent.  

With so much negativity that fills the average person's mind about Down syndrome, it was uplifting to see a gathering of folks who recognize the beauty, ability and delight that an extra chromosome can be.  I know my eyes have been opened to a world that I just would have been indifferent about and I'm thankful to my little dude for that.  

I would like to thank each and every person that donated through Landon's firstgiving site.  All of you helped to raise $530 for the DSAGR which contributed to the over $50,000 net for the entire event!!!  A big, huge thank you to Rex, Joyce, Lora, Donna, Megan, Tammy, Kristie, Shannon, Pam, Mary, Nakisha, Cari, Mr. & Mrs. Sharpe, Krazy Kousin Kristie, Uncle Bob, Aunt Gail and Uncle Randy.  Also, I want to say a big, huge thank you to Andrea, Aidan, Dave (Dad), Bob (Dad), Ms. Heather and Ms. Shannon for walking with us!  I can't wait until next year!!