Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pigeon Forge Vacation 2009, Part 1

Wow, is June over with already? It felt like it would never get here. Like I was never going to go on my much anticipated, 1st vacation in I don't know how long. And now, it has been almost a month since we went. Wow.

Upon a recommendation from a colleague, we set our sail for Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. I'd never heard of the place, at least that I could remember. But the more I talked to others about it, and researched it on the internet, the more it seemed like the perfect family vacation spot. It was. There was a lot to do, a lot to see, so much so that we have plenty to keep us busy should this be our vacation destination next year.

The first day, we decided to take the kids to the dinosaur museum, which contains life-sized replicas. McKayla loves books, and two of her favorites are, If the Dinosaurs Came Back and How Does a Dinosaur Eat Its Food? She did enjoy the museum, however I don't think she had any idea how big the dinosaurs really were. Boy am I glad that we don't live in the era of dinosaurs! Yikes! Too many teeth and claws! Here is McKayla with Dustin standing in front of T. Rex.
Here she is with Dustin touching the tail of an enormous crocodile. Again....I'm VERY thankful these animals no longer exist.
After the dinosaur museum we went to the Rainforest Adventure Zoo. Right as we got there, a tour bus arrived. We were told that we could join the tour bus for a demonstration that is only done for large groups. The show was really great. The zookeeper had many animals that he talked about and brought several out for folks to pet. McKayla was brave and petted a Moluccan Cockatoo, an aligator (which she said was "cute", as a matter of fact, all baby animals whether they had fur or scales she would say, "awww they're cute!"), a hedgehog and a tarantula. Yep, you read right, she held the tarantula! Here she is pointing at a turtle

Landon, too, enjoyed looking at the animals that were on stroller level.
McKayla got a big kick out of the snake sleeping in the pot.

McKayla showed Dustin where the bearded dragon was.
For dinner that evening we went to a place called the Flying Horse. Inside, they had a large carousel and each child got a ticket to ride with their meal. This was the first time ever either kid had been on a carousel. McKayla loved it.
Landon, well, he was a little skeptical. First, Dustin sat him on the horse by himself. You can see he quickly turned to Dustin to pick him up.

Dustin hopped on back, hoping this would settle Landon down a little.
Landon was finally okay with everything when he could ride facing Dustin.
Well, that was our first full day in Pigeon Forge. I'll post more, but I need to go to bed right now.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Open At Your Own Risk

I love this little outfit!

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Look What I Can Do!

Vacation proved to be a much needed rejuvenation for all of us, and it seemed to spark Landon's development. While on vacation, he began consistently sitting himself up from laying down (the proper way, too! Unlike how he goes from sitting to laying - folding himself in half in kicking his legs out from underneath himself). He also began pulling himself up. Look at what he did when I put him in his crib!

I'll post a video of Landon's new, and quick, version of crawling soon.

My Grown Up Girl

Here is McKayla, dressed and ready to go to preschool. This picture doesn't accurately convey just how grown up she looks to me now. My baby isn't a baby anymore...

She still loves being a big sister, and loves the opportunity to hold Landon and play with him. Even though he bites her and pulls her hair. She is a great big sister.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Extra Chromosome Provides the Impetus for a Mom's Successful Company

I just LOVE posting postive articles and news about folks with Down syndrome and their families. Here is one such article:

Click here to read about an woman who, with her daughter in mind, has helped organizations and businesses enhance their services to folks with disabilites. She also employs many folks with disabilities as well.

I promise some updates on my own kids are coming soon.