Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Step by Step

Here is a video of Landon taking a few steps for Ms. Mary today. Right before I pulled out the camera, he took 7 (SEVEN!!!) steps for her. However, after I recorded this video, he didn't want to perform anymore. He'd had enough - of course, the camera was out! She would stand him against the wall and he would gain his balance. Then, when he felt confident, he would take one, two, three or more steps forward before plunging down into her arms.

My Big BOY!!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

One of Landon's Favorite Activities

Here is a video of Landon throwing a ball (sorry for the poor quality - low light). He LOVES to throw the ball back and forth. In case you were wondering why the sofa cushions are on the floor - it was an effort to give him different obstacles to climb over. I was hoping to get video of him sitting on the edge of the cushion, standing himself up, then taking two, three, maybe four or more steps without holding onto anything. That's what he did for us yesterday! No such luck today...