Monday, December 29, 2008

Enough Appointments Already!

Well, today all appointments for Landon and McKayla's surgeries were scheduled.  Yes, McKayla has to have surgery too.  McKayla has strabismus wherein her right eye doesn't track with the left.  As many of you may know, she has been in glasses since she was 10 months old to correct this and excessive farsightedness.  Because her eye hasn't improved with the ever increasing strength of her glasses, the doc explained this was muscular issue which requires surgery to correct.  Therefore, beginning Jan. 16, we will have 5 doctor's appointments and 3 surgeries to contend with - all within 2 weeks.  

Landon's surgery will be done in 2 parts.  First will be the eye measurement and ear tubes.  Because the hospital does not stock the implants, the cataract removal and implant placement will take the following week.  Each surgery requires a pre-op appointment with the pediatrician for medical clearance as well as follow ups the day after surgery (are you doing the math for the co-pays here?).

The bright side?  These are all relatively minor surgeries and the kids can go back to daycare the following day provided they feel okay and, after the follow-up appointment, of course.

Last week, Landon saw a pulmonologist who cleared him for surgery, however until he is seen again in February (yet another appointment), Landon has to stay on oxygen while he sleeps.  This means naps and nighttime.  The doc said that Landon's O2 sat drops could be due to the lingering effects of the RSV, but the doc said we will investigate that issue further, after we get the cataract surgery taken care of.

So, hopefully this won't put too much of a damper on the celebration of McKayla's 3rd and Landon's 1st birthday (which will include - you guessed it - their well check ups with the doctor). Yep, you read correctly - McKayla will be three in 5 weeks; Landon will be one in 7 weeks.  I can't believe it either.   

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Debby Matson said...

Let's just hope these are the last of the dr. appoinments for a while. Once we get these issues taken care of, then hopefully we'll be done. As for their birthdays approaching - you blinked...