Friday, January 2, 2009

Of Cases and Cows

Yesterday, McKayla spent much of the day playing in her new "case", or cave for those of you who do not speak McKaylanese.  I initially called it a fortress, so I don't know where she gets "case" from.  Nonetheless, it was very fun for her.  I'm not sure what it is about building a fortress out of random things with a blanket draped over, but I remeber staying with my Great Aunt Pattie as a kid and building one out of a card table over many weekend trips and summers.

For some reason, McKayla seems to like to bring every toy she owns into the "case".  I hope this doesn't mean she will be a hoarder late in life.  She even let Landon come in to play.  

Later, McKayla went outside to play and Landon and I stayed in.  It was the perfect opportunity for me to snap some pictures of him sitting up and the cute faces he makes:




look at those hands!


maybe he's signing Daddy?

"yeah, again!"

airplane nosedive

So, last night, Dustin told McKayla that she is a silly girl.  McKayla replied to Dustin that he is a silly boy.  Dustin and I were so impressed that she made that distinction, so Dustin asked, "what is Mommy?"  McKayla replied, "a boy."  Dustin asked again, "what is Mommy?"  McKayla replied, "a cow."  What the...?!?!  Dustin, of course, began laughing hysterically, while I began to think this is not the year to throw all resolutions out the window (since you never follow them anyway).


Kimy said...

Oh my goodness.. I LOVE all of the "faces"! What a cutie!!! And the "case" is very cute too!! I remember too when I was a kid making forts out of boxes and sheets... those were the days :-)

Beth said...

Aha! Now I see where you are...I've been getting a little traffic from your blog, but couldn't track it down!

Wow! It sounds like Landon has really had a rough winter so far. RSV is no fun. I'm glad he's better--soon maybe no more O2!

Love the "case"! Hannah still packs up and moves everything to her forts/caves/islands.

Looking forward to following your blog :-)