Saturday, March 21, 2009

Let's Celebrate World Down Syndrome Day!

First, I apologize that I haven't posted in such a long time.  It's been nuts and I've been tired.  More is coming, though, I promise!

Second, if not for my little Landon, I don't know that today would have held as much significance for me.  It is not something I am proud to admit, but I am proud that I have a 13 month old teacher that shows me all people have something positive to give to this world, no matter what their abilities may be.

Today is March 21st, and is World Down Syndrome Day.  March 21st was selected because it represents the scientific terminology for Down syndrome - trisomy 21.  Since Landon's birth, it has been my mission to educate myself, for his benefit, but also to educate others, for the benefit of all.  Unfortunately, time and energy (or lack thereof) tend to hinder my progress.  I just read a friend's blog and she has offered up wonderful suggestions for ways to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day.  They are simple and easy, yet imperatively effective in raising awareness about the wonderful people whose bodies hold an extra chromosome.  Please take a moment to visit Hannah's Shenanigans.  Hannah's mom is a great writer and you'll enjoy reading and learning about Down syndrome as well as her amazing daughter Hannah.   

So I implore all those who read this blog, whether it is today, tomorrow or next month - show your support and post a comment about what you did to celebrate this day and the folks this day was created for.  

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