Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Happy Birthday - To Me!

Today is my birthday. It isn’t a milestone birthday but it is the first birthday that I have felt the most peace and happiness with my age. I dreaded entering my 30’s. I hated the notion that I was getting old (I know some people would like to kick me for saying I'm old). But, in reflection, having the opportunity to have 33 years of memories - some good, some bad - is a celebration in and of itself. I can’t believe how truly lucky and blessed I have been in my life – for having parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins that love and care for me (and still do!), for wonderful friends that have made the sad times seem not so bad and the happy times even better; my husband whose love, generosity, dedication, devotion, determination and positivity know no bounds; and most of all for my two little wonders of magic and beauty that fill each day with insurmountable and indescribable joy.

Some of the little things that made this day special were: McKayla telling me “Happy Birthday” herself as she was leaving this morning. Landon’s big slobbery kisses. Working from home in my bedroom “office” with the scent of the Greenhouse Yankee Candle, cool breeze coming in the windows and good music in the background. Lunch with Dustin at one of my favorite restaurants – Howletts. My co-worker sending a video that had such perfect timing. Birthday wishes from so many friends, even some that I haven’t spoken with in such a long time. Dinner with my parents. Watching McKayla at dance class, saying to herself “tap little toe”. McKayla leaning over to tell me, “Guess what, Mommy?! I love you!” as we sat on the couch and watched TV. Sitting on the edge of McKayla’s bed while Landon and McKayla lay side by side (with no biting or hair-pulling!) for story time. My best friend sending me one of the best laughs I’ve had lately. My husband attempting to sing happy birthday to me.

I'm sure I'm forgetting some things - you know, old age setting in and everything...

Yes this was a good day.

Thank you all.


Lacey said...

Happy Birthday to you!!

mauimom said...

Happy Birthday! I think the three best words in the world are "I love you", especially when your children are saying it. Best birthday gift ever!