Thursday, October 8, 2009

Walking on Sunshine

Okay, so we've been working on this a while. And Landon is building up the confidence to let go. To take steps on his own. You'll notice in the following video a coffee table. This is Landon's coffee table. We bought this coffee table at a neighborhood yard sale (actually matching my furniture quite closely) specifically for Landon. The idea had been stirring in my head after reading a post about Landon's friend Lois. Landon would take steps from one person to another. Then he would take steps from one couch to the other when the footrest was out - that would amount to about 2 or 3 independent steps. So, I thought giving him a coffee table might encourage him to take a few more steps. It has. And sneaky momma keeps scooting the table further and further away from the couch. He he.

Mary, the wonderful lady that takes care of Landon, reported that today, Landon walked across the living room - without holding to anything! That's pretty impressive for him! (And darn-it, I wasn't there to get it on video!)

Another mom recently posted a milestone reached by her son (who has Ds) on her Facebook status; remarking that her son's triumphs seem so much more victorious than when her two previous children reached the same goal. She's right. When you know how hard your little one has worked, tried anything and everything to motivate the action and worked so diligently on various methods to enable this action to take place - yes - this victory does seem significantly sweeter. The pride and sense of accomplishment, both for your child and yourself (hey, you helped him/her get there, right?), swells exponentially. I imagine marathon runners feel much the same way once they cross the finish line.

A little warning, Landon was quite the fussy monkey when this video was taken (yesterday). So you'll see a glimpse of his emerging temperament at the end.


Lacey said...

Go Landon, such a big boy!!

mauimom said...

Go, Landon, Go!!