Friday, February 20, 2009

Another ER visit for Landon - written by Dad

Well, here we go again. Kelly and Landon are off to the Emergency Room. After returning home from the DSAGR meeting, where both of the kids had a wonderful time, Landon's heart rate started to rise and his oxygen levels started to decrease. 

After talking with the on-call doctor from the pediatricians office, who said that if after 1 hour after giving him motrin, his heart rate did not go back to normal, then we needed to take him to the Emergency room. So after an hour, off they went.

The doctor was afraid that he might have, what she called, the begining signs of the Flu.  She said that after battling RSV as long and hard as he did, that fighting the flu could be harder than usual.  But, Landon has been a fighter thus far, I do not think he will fight any less this time, of course he gets that from his father.

Well, when I find out more news I will let everyone know.

I hope everyone has a wonderful and peacefull evening.



Ruby's Mom said...

Poor little guy.I hope he feels better soon.

Linda said...

Praying for you guys. Hopefully they'll be back home soon.