Sunday, February 8, 2009

A New Discovery and A Beautiful Day

Landon's eye has been recovering well from surgery, we've just had to put about a thousand drops in it.  Of course, he hates it.  We have also begun patching his good eye to get the other eye working again.  That too, he hates.  He is a completely different baby with his patch on.  He becomes very grumpy, less interactive and kind of mopey.  So we have to work hard to keep him stimulated.  We know he can see.  If you put an object in front of him, he will reach for it.  We just don't know what or how well.  We'll find out more on Monday.

Oh, and I won't be able to call him a baby this time next Sunday.  (His first birthday!)

This is the typical face that Landon has with the patch on:

What you are about to see is our attempt to comply with Landon's therapy.  The goal is to sit him on something low to the ground, where his feet can touch.  We are working on him bending over to reach for things, which will strengthen his abdominal muscles.  We need to strengthen the abdominal muscles in order to work up to walking.  Presently, Landon is sitting up and rolling over, however he is not going from sitting up to laying down (and the reverse).  Shame we can't get him to do pilates...

Well, he tried to reach for the multitude of toys, but gave up for something easier to get a hold of:

First one, then the other:

We are also trying to work on feeding.  He is still on 5 bottles a day and eating only baby food.  If we try to introduce anything with texture (such as rice, soft noodles, soft fruit, etc.) he ultimately gags or just plain spits it out.  One thing to encourage feeding himself is to give him a spoon to hold while you feed him.  This is his new favorite toy!

And look what we discovered while we were feeding him!  His first tooth!!!

Yesterday was a beautiful day.  We had a visit from Debby and Jordan and went outside to enjoy the weather and take lots of pictures of three adorable kids.  However, three adorable kids rarely want to stand together, look forward and smile at the same time.  

Landon really enjoyed his time outside.  All new things for him to see.  Actually, this is probably the first time he's been outside and has been able to enjoy it.  He was too little when the weather was nice before.

He really liked playing with the grass!  (Shame on mommy for removing his patch so he could enjoy the outdoors.)

(Note:  I had to stand him up here.  He will stand up and hold on for a long time, but he's not yet pulling himself up.)


Lacey said...

The pics are gorgeous. We don't how much Jax can see because his is from a brain injury. It kills me not to know, and we can't just put glasses on.
The toes are always better than the toys.

Michelle said...

He certainly is clever - if you can't reach the toys, toes are always nearby!

Kimy said...

I love all the pics!!! And look at that first tooth! How exciting!!

sharon said...

Love that last pic of Landon near the clubhouse. And Kelly, you can still call him a baby, even after his birthday!! I still call Cole my newborn- that of course is a stretch, but he'll be my baby for a long long time...

The VW's said...

Thanks for visiting Gavin's site! Your little Landon is simply precious!!!