Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Birthday and The Haircut

To make life easier, we will be combining McKayla and Landon's birthday parties, since their birthdays are only two weeks apart.  But, now that McKayla is older, and has been telling everyone lately that her birthday is February 1st, we decided to do something special for her on her birthday.  

We headed out and went to Toys R Us so McKayla could pick out a present for her birthday.  After picking up a couple of things, she decided on blocks.  She loves to build things, especially "castles".  When we got home this evening, this is what she built:

Me:  "McKayla, what are you building?"

McKayla:  "A birdhouse."

Me:  "It's beautiful!"

McKayla:  "It's not beautiful, it's just a birdhouse."

Me:  "Is it pretty?"

McKayla:  "Yep."

Brother enjoyed playing with the blocks as well.  Take note of his hair in this picture.  I will explain later.

After Toys R Us, we went to Cici's Pizza.  Much to my surprise, McKayla ate over half of my salad.  She LOVES tomatoes and though we loaded her plate up (and she ate every single one) she decided to try my salad, something she has never cared for before.  I think she liked it because it was covered in ranch dressing.  She loves ranch dressing.  She doesn't like ketchup, mustard or really any other type of sauce.  She also doesn't like chocolate milk - how weird is that?

After lunch we ventured across town to a place that has a bunch of large blow up bouncy things.  She had so much fun.  It is truly amazing, too, that she was able to climb almost all of them - they could challenge a Navy Seal.  Or maybe I'm just r-e-a-l-l-y out of shape.  

After dinner this evening I finally decided that I was going to give Landon a haircut.  His hair was beginning to get very unruly, not to mention that it gets in the way of taping his eye shield on.  I've been debating on taking him somewhere for a professional to do it, or just taking Dustin's clippers to his head myself.  Tonight, I got brave.  There may be a few stray hairs that didn't make it through the clipper, but his haircut turned out quite cute, if I do say so myself!!  The funny thing is now his hair looks really blond (though you can't tell in these pictures)!  


Kimy said...

Awww, his haircut is so cute!!! You did a great job. Good job on the birdhouse McKayla!!!

Beth said...

Wow Kelly! I'm late in catching up! You've had a quite a time lately. All those surgeries and appointments, and then it's right into Birthday Season! I love Landon's haircut--it's adorable!

I hope that Landon's sats will soon be deciphered and remedied.

Enjoy those blocks!