Saturday, February 21, 2009

Home Again

Okay, they are home.  

The doctor seemed to think that there was a mucus plug in his lungs that was 
causing his fever and high heart rate. 

Right before Kelly and Landon left for the ER, Landon started to cough and gaged on something
and then spit up a lot of stuff. I am sure that if it was a mucus plug that he got it up at that time.

Everything seems to be better now. 

We will let you know if anything changes.



Kimy said...

poor guy- he just can't catch a break! I'm glad that he's back home and seems to be doing better. Kelly- I love your new header pic- with the kids! Did you make it?

Lacey said...

What's up with our kidos this week? Everyone I know is either in the hospital or the ER. I know here RSV has tripled in the last month, so we are being hit hard.

sharon said...

Man, it would be so nice for you to have a month of not having a hospital visit... so glad he's ok, hope you all can get some rest.