Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Fly Little Angel

Today marks an occasion for two parents that none should have to endure. I’ve never met these parents, at least to my knowledge. I’ve never seen their daughter Evie’s precious face. But I grieve for them. For today, Evie will be removed from the machines that sustain her life.

Evie is 2 years old and she has Down syndrome. She developed leukemia and began chemotherapy treament a couple of months ago. Her family is involved in the local Down syndrome association, as we are. The association sent word when Evie began her treatment, asking all members to pray for Evie’s speedy recovery, as the treatment entailed lengthy stays at the hospital.

Unfortunately, Evie developed pneumonia. Every day, I anxiously awaited news on Evie’s status, hoping that she was getting better, but her health continued to decline. Yesterday, her mother sent the word to the group that there just wasn’t anything else the doctors could do for her.

I can’t begin to imagine the impossibly difficult decision that Evie’s family had to make. My heart aches for them. Please, take a moment today to say a prayer for Evie’s family and the painful journey they have ahead of them.

I’ve never met little Evie, but she has made an impact on me and so many others. The show of love, compassion and support for Evie’s family from our group has been breathtaking. It is amazing the unity and allegiance that one extra chromosome has created. We are all beside ourselves, though, wishing we had the magical answer that would miraculously make Evie better, or ease the pain of her parents. Today, I have nothing to offer, other than spreading the word and asking everyone to celebrate the life of this sweet little girl.

Farewell Evie, fly little angel.

The Gift of Memory
(author unknown)

One gift, above all others
God gives to us to treasure
One that knows no time, no place
And one gold cannot measure

The precious, poignant tender gift
Of Memory...that will keep
Our dear ones ever in our hearts
Although God gives them sleep

It brings back long remembered things
A song, a word, a smile
And the world's a better place...because
We had them for awhile

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Carey said...

Pneumonia in a cancer patient, an awful combination. I am so sorry, it makes me realize just how truly lucky we are.