Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My Mind, Finally Put Into Words

I am not a creative writer by any means.  In fact, I'm jealous of my blogger friends that are able to tell their stories that make you feel the emotion of the moment, or portray their thoughts in a completely comprehensible way.  I found someone who often speaks her mind, and mine as well, little does she know.  Here, she answers the Million $ Question.  


Loren Stow said...

Thank you Kelly for your words! If I manage to help one person see the world of Down syndrome a little differently. If one person can go away with a little more understanding, then I feel I have made a difference.
For you, for me, and for our children.
that... AND I tend to have an addiction to writing... just can't stop! LOL!

Catherine said...

LOVE IT!!! May have to post it to the Daily Lois, too. I'm not sure everyone we know in the "club" would give this same answer, Kelly - but I'm with you on this. I wouldn't change a single hair on her head (except maybe the patch on top that grows straight forward!).