Friday, April 24, 2009

My Favorite Time Of Year

Spring has arrived and so has the color in our yard. The trees are filling out and the landscape is transforming. I love walking outside each day and seeing a new blossom or another plant returning from its dormant winter state. I get absolutely no credit for all of the beautiful flowers you see in our yard. The kudos lie on the creativity and hardworking shoulders of my mom and dad. They designed and nurtured this beautiful oasis. I'm just trying to keep up.

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Mom said...

Thank you for helping to maintain all those years of hard work. It will continue to provide you and the kids with a truly harmonous environment that will give you inner sanctum and joy through out the years to come. A beauty that is only appreciated thru the nurturing you provide to each plant. You will also have the pleasure to view many creatures of nature drawn to enjoy the fruits of your labor. (dang rabbit!!!)

My name is Sarah said...

beautiful flowers