Tuesday, April 28, 2009

An Update On The Cataract

We are now 3 months out from Landon's cataract removal and lens implant surgery. We visited the ophthamologist last week for a check up. She was very pleased and very impressed with the progress his eye has made. Shortly before surgery, we all noticed that his right eye, the one that contained the cataract, wasn't always tracking with the other eye. Since the surgery, we have had to patch his left eye to get the right one working again. The doc said that his eyes were now moving together as they should.

According to the doc, she believes the cataract wasn't present from birth for him to have recovered as well and as quickly as he has. She explained that if he had never been able to see from that eye, we would have had to work much longer and harder to restore his vision. She was very excited and relieved at his progress.
Landon still has a cataract in his left eye, however at this point it is not obstructing his vision. The doc said as long as she can see past it, so can he. We'll have to keep an eye on it (no pun intended!) and may need to take action if it becomes problematic later.

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