Friday, January 30, 2009

The cataract surgery

Landon's surgery this past Wednesday went very well.  The cataract removal and insertion of the implant went just as the doctor wanted it to.  When we took Landon home, we were instructed to leave his eye as it was - covered with a metal shield over gauze - until we went for his follow-up the next morning.  Landon had the shield off by the time we got home.  I had to re-tape the shield back on. 

When McKayla first saw Landon after she got home, she was speechless.  Then finally, she asked what was on his face.  I explained that Landon had surgery on his eye, just as she had and he had to wear the patch to make his eye feel better.  Later, she told me she didn't want to see the patch.

Landon checked out fine at his follow-up appointment the next morning and we were given our instructions for home care.  One type of eye drop medication 2 times per day.  Another 4 times per day.  And finally, a third eye drop - every two hours.   Oh boy.

After I got home, I laid Landon down on the changing table and glanced at his eye, which was uncovered at this point.  What I saw made me panic.  A bubble floating in his eye.  I ran for the phone and dialed the number of the opthamologist -which I know by heart now.  I explained what I saw and was put on hold, my heart pounding, imagining the worst - they were going to have to operate on his eye again.  BUT, the receptionist came back on the line and said it was perfectly normal.  The opthamologist actually inserted the air bubble herself and it should dissolve within a few days.  I was so relieved to hear that it was okay that I didn't even think to ask what the purpose of the bubble was.

So far this weekend he has actually done pretty well with both the drops and the shield.  We only put the shield on him when he sleeps and rides in the car (since we can't keep him from rubbing his eye then).  Monday, we see the opthamologist again for what will be one of many more visits to come as we get the newly seeing eye healed and working again.  

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Kimy said...

I am glad to hear that the surgery went well. And oh my.. I bet you WERE panicking when you saw that bubble on his eye. I am glad that it turned out to be okay.