Sunday, January 11, 2009

Just a few pictures

It was a nice day out, so we went out for a little bit.  Landon really enjoyed it until the sun went behind the clouds and the temperature started dropping.
Yesterday was fun with hair - McKayla and Mommy with pigtails!
McKayla dancing with Landon.
McKayla trying to hold Landon up.  "Oof, brudder's heavy!"
Last weekend when the weather was fairly nice out, McKayla and I went for a walk.  One of her babies went with us.  She is quite the nurturing little mommy!
Look at the big guy standing up!  That nifty thing on his back is a little backpack that Dustin hand-sewed to keep the hose to the cannula in when Landon is awake.  When we don't leave the cannula in and we have to try to put it on when he falls asleep, he gets mad, puts up a fight and nap time is over.
Next Friday begins the medical adventure for the next two weeks.  Landon has his pre-op appointment and then Monday will be the eye measurement and ear tube surgery.  We'll keep you posted on how everything goes!

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Jaxsons Fight said...

He is so cute. How old is he, he looks to little to be standing. What a great big sister he has.Lacey and Jax