Saturday, January 24, 2009

Eye alignment

In an effort to just get things done, we also scheduled McKayla's eye surgery for this past week.  Hers was Wednesday and was to correct the misalignment of her eyes.  The opthamologist had to clip a muscle and reattach it for each eye. 

We arrived at the surgical center about 20 minutes early (I know, how did the "late shift" manage that?)  While sitting in the parking lot waiting for the front doors to open, a little crack in my windshield made a pop! and extended tentacles out across the lower part.  Oh yay - something else to deal with.

After we got inside, it wasn't long before McKayla was called back.  Now, we were instructed no to let her have anything to eat and drink after midnight, but she was hungry and kept asking for something to eat and drink.  This made my tummy growl harder.  It wasn't long before she was whisked back to where they would put her under anesthesia and perform the surgery.  No sooner than I get outside, sit down and Dustin makes a quick run for coffee at the Starbucks next to the surgical center, the doctor came out and said McKayla did just fine.  We went back and she was crying, most likely confused.

The rest of the day was nice.  She and I spent the entire day in "mommy and daddy's" bed watching the Backyardigans.  We also took a nap (which mommy really needed as well!).  She was quite tickled to eat lunch in bed on the tray that Dustin built for me.  Lunch consisted of her favorites - strawberries, grapes and "tatoes".

Landon joined McKayla for breakfast in bed the next morning.

Minus the surgery, I could use more days like this!

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Lacey said...

I'm glad everything went well. Sounds like a good day. Lacey and Jax