Saturday, January 31, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday McKayla!!!!!

Dear McKayla,

It has been three indescribable years since I first laid my anxiously anticipating eyes on your beautiful little face.  Since then, the time with you has been filled with fun, wonder, excitement, worry and absolute joy.  I am so proud and honored to be your mother, and to have taken part in your transformation from a completely dependent and helpless infant to a thriving little girl.  This past year you have grown by leaps and bounds.  You have gone from saying only a few words to speaking in complex sentences.  You've learned so many things and you constantly amaze your daddy and I with what you know.  Each day, you astound us with a new phrase or saying.  Some of it may be you regurgitating what you have heard us say, but it is so cute to hear in your voice and to see it take shape in your personality.
I think, though, what we find most wonderful about you is how nurturing you are towards your brother.  You love to give him hugs and kisses; you ask every day to hold him or want him to sit with you; you like to help feed him, both his bottles and and his solid food; if he cries or fusses, you will pat him on the head or back and say, "it's okay brudder."  If you are in a different room, you will yell out, "it's okay brudder, I'll be right there."  You are a great big sister.

You are such a beautiful little girl.  Definitely on the outside, but especially on the inside.  We love you immensely, baby girl.  Happy Birthday!

A walk down memory lane....

McKayla in the making...

Your first day in the world

Look at all that red hair!

6 months old

9 months old

1 year old

15 months old

18 months old

This is before we cut that beautiful hair...
(and you were just over 2 years old)

This is you now!

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Kimy said...

That red hair is amazing!! I love all the pics..... she is getting so big!!!!